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Advatages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy | Q and A | How a nuclear power plant works and some important dates!
Nuclear Energy
How a nuclear power plant works and some important dates!

How a Nuclear Power Plant Works!

1.Heat is produced by fussioning uranium which is a nuclear reaction.

2.Heavy water coolent transfers heat from the uranium fuel to ordinary water in a boiller.

3.Heat applied to ordinary water then produces steam.

4.Steam pressure drives the turbines.

5.The turbine drives the genorator and produces electricity.


1896- Antoine Henri Becquerel, a french physicist, discovered natural radioactivity.

1905- The Great German-born physicist Albert Enstein published his thoery that matter is a form of energy and that mass and energy are related.

1911- The british physicist Ernist Rutherford announced his discovery of the nucleus of the atom.

1932- James Chadwick, British physicist, discovered the nutron.

1938- The German radiochemists, Otto Hahm and Fritz Strassmann produced the elements berium and kryrtom by arding uraniun with nutrons.

1939- Austrian physicists Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch showed that Hann and Strassman had produced first known artificially created fission reaction.

1942- A groupe of scientists headed by the Italian-born physicist, Enrico Fermi produced the world's first artificial chain reaction at the University of Chicago. The achievement made possible the development ofg the atomic.

1945- The USA exploted the first atomic near Almogordo, New Mexico.

1946- Congeress established the atonic energy comission to control nuclear energy development in the US.

1952- US exploded the first hydrogen at Eniwetok, and therefore producedthe world's first large-scale fusion reaction.

1956- First Nuclear Power Plant began opporation in Calder Hall England.

1957- Un establish International Atonic Energy Agency to promotepeaceful use of nuclear energy. First plant opened in Shippingport, Pa.

1962- Canada's first nuclear power plant began producing electricity in Rolphton, Ontario.

1974- Congress divided the functions of AEC into ERDA and NRC.

1977- Congress abolish ERDA and transfer its fuctions to the newly created Department of Energy.

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