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Advatages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy | Q and A | How a nuclear power plant works and some important dates!
Nuclear Energy
Advatages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

*Nuclear plants bring jobs and prosperity to a town or country ie France
*Provides the world with most of its electricity
*Not many nuclear s have happaned;natural disasters cause more damage
*Canada has easy access to Uranium
*Its good for the econmy

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*Nuclear energy produces radiation which consists of subatomic particles that penetrates deep inside the body and initiate cancer
*After the nuclear hit in Japan, survivors gave birth to disgusting, revolting and sometimes deformed children.
*if out enemies get a hold of our plants they could use it against us with the amount of pletonium that we use to make our power.
*Pletonium, the biproduct of nuclear reactors, has a half life of about 10 thousand years and is therefor hard to dispose of.
*Nuclear power plants are very expensive to build
*Uranium is not renewable and can lead to environmental problems through the mining and processing.

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